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Echesa: The Corruption We See Grow And Do Nothing About.

by Senior Editor

Nearly everyone feels corruption is now a matter of concern and should even be declared a national disaster. Strangely enough however, no one wants to do anything about it.


The debates on corruption remain an everyday topic and will remain so, as long as we consider ourselves not the ones responsible in propagating it and even more so, the ones who must make a bold step in shunning it.

Somehow, we are comfortable discussing the mega-billion scandals, the Goldenberg, Eurobond et al but we turn a blind eye to the daily thieveries around us and that, trust you me, could well be the source of the general feeling of helplessness in reacting to the runaway corruption now threatening to bankrupt our country.

Let us say a low income earner in level A thinks that the ‘minor’ corruption incidences and small briberies in their surroundings are okay and passively adapts a moral support to it, a middle class person thinks the frequent behind-the-scenes deals in the corporate world and kickbacks aren’t as bad as people think and politicians also adapt an okay to the briberies, over expenditure and wanton looting and even attempt to justify them, then no one will be ready to do anything when unprecedented corrupt deals are unearthed.

Maybe we have tolerated the small evils and so we cannot out-rightly rise against the big evils and maybe, most counties which are now cash cows to some Governors, could be better off if we reminded our Honourable MCAs that they are the protectors of our funds.


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