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Otachi: Sonko Was Right To Dismiss Passaris And Lazy Women Who Drink Alot.

by Senior Editor

A Nairobi youth leader, Hon. Otachi Otachi has expressed his pleasure and approval with the manner in which Nairobi governor Mike Sonko dismissed, almost humiliating, Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris at the Madaraka day celebrations at Pumwani grounds.

The governor reacted to Passaris’ remarks on his unavailability, telling her that he was not her husband to pick her phone calls.


He wrote,

The flamboyant Nairobi county tycoon His Excellency Governor Mike Sonko has dismissed leaders who don’t have the heart of giving and sharing to the less privileged in society to cease blackmailing leaders who share their wealth with poor Kenyans. He warned politicians to stop bad politics of giving fish to the youth and leaving them on their own. He rather advised The Nairobi county women rep to stop politicking his act of goodwill to his people (Nairobians). “You can’t show someone how to fish and go especially our current youth generation. They need guidance as they learn how to fish. Youths need upkeep after being supported financially to start projects. If that’s what Passaris calls handouts then I will not stop giving handouts to help and support the less privileged in Society.” Sonko added.
There is need for leaders to consider that youth need facilitation before they stand on their own. The reason as to why Sonko wa Masonko helps youth to fund their projects fully, but before they are stable he still provides for upkeep.
Before the project starts to secure good profits which is a challenge to many youth across Kenya. Youths applauded the Governor as many of them are witnesses of the acts of the Good deeds Ambassador Hon. Mike Sonko.
On hearing the youth chant in praise the Governor she walked out of the podium even before the President’s speech was read. This was as a sign of disregard and undermining the Governor and President who are committed for the good of women and youth in Nairobi and Kenya at large
The youth who stood by the Governor later then dismissed Passaris for undermining the city boss.
It was uncouth for Her to walk out of a National event as a leader shy of facing the real issues like that of unemployment that The Governor was addressing and leave for a bar in Hurlingham where she likes drinking with her Mpango wa Kandos. This is as a result of having a Socialite Bimbo in a public office, you expect zero service delivery to common Meananchi. But thanks to Sonko he can’t sit and watch youth and women of Nairobi suffer in hands of stingy politicians with accounts abroad.
Youths later chanted “ long live Mike Sonko after the reading of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech by the Nairobi county commissioner and the Madaraka day event in Nairobi was a success.
Only Mike Sonko will save poor Kenyans without fear or favor. long live Sir. the only hope for Kenyans


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