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Youths promise to stone teachers and government employees who will apply for the Census jobs



Youths are furious by greed of some government employees who scramble for census jobs with them!

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics last week circulated a memo indicating that they are now ready to receive applications from Kenyans who are ready for the upcoming Census.

Part of the memo read;


“Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is a State Corporation established under the Statistics Act (2006). It is the Principal Government Agency responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis, publication and dissemination of official statistical information and its custody. It also oversees the coordination, supervision and development of programmes within the National Statistical System.”

The Government of Kenya through KNBS will be conducting the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census in August. 2019 and the positions that are available include enumerators, content supervisors and ICT supervisors

However several mixed reactions have emerged since the process began. Several youths are now crying foul, that senior teacher and even government employees are back in the village with their Four-wheel drives ready to grab the jobs away from already drained and unemployed youths.

Many Kenyans feel that KNBS was to categorically state specific dates that would favor and capture several unemployed youths. The jobs do not have so much strict requirements however unemployed youths now feel that government employees will grab all the jobs away from them with the fact that they’ve build enough connections.

It is of the mind of the majority that the age bracket was to be narrowed between 18-40 years to kick out old folks who would go down to compete with the youths.Many youths are now threatening that they will chase them away from the village and now pleading with Dr. Matiangi to take action and stop such selfish acts.

According to survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in 2018, 7 million Kenyans were unemployed with 1.4 million out of this figure desperately looking for jobs.

There are 2700 posts available for ICT supervisors across the country, 27,000 for content supervisors and 135,000 vacancies for enumerators. This means that the number of those getting the jobs is less than a fifth of those actively looking for jobs.

Here are the reactions of some Facebook users;

School principals, Senior Teachers, Government employees and County government officials are back in the villages applying for different positions in the upcoming Census.

What will the Youth ‘eat’?


It is so saddening when young people merely form four leavers and fresh university graduates are apply for census Enumerators and supervisors job but they are competing with civil servants, school principals and senior government officials.
The tumbocrats are busy taking August leaves to scramble for this small jobs meant to empower youths and jobless.
leave this mini-jobs to youths who are really looking for college and university fee/upkeep.
The government came up with such programs like Niims, census etc to empower jobless youths most. To give them small capital to startup life and engage in business.
Its my hope and believe that county bosses and county commissioners are at front line to protect our young people from this egocentric Kenyans…. What’s your inputs Kenyans???


Just thinking 🔊

If you are
+ Business man or woman

+ A civil servant

+ A teacher

+ Employed

Leave the Census enumeration jobs to jobless youths.

Don’t be GREEDY brother and sisters..

Be a decent human being.

Let’s get #BetterTogether


Content Supervisor qualifications are Diploma -18 and Above,so hiyo form ya kujaza nikapata ages that can give you pressure; 45;51,and above so you can imagine a mare 22 applying for the same :Cheso

God forgive them,they are now allover in the villages scrambling for the census jobs at the expense of unemployed youths.

We shall overcome!


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  1. Michael Wanyonyi

    June 23, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Respect for elders is our devine obligation. The chaos in our society is greed. people are too selfish. corruption will take centre stage. The elders you are suspecting to take up jobs still will do so. You may succeed in blocking them from actual activity but you will not block them when they corrupt their way so that their own children take up the jobs.
    I think youth leaders in the grassroots are better placed to identify the genuine persons for particular job with restrictions like those who have once been in IEBC, HUDUMA, MALARIA CONTROLS , retirees , Etc should not be engaged . employed group should apply wisdom. The recruiting agent should give youth priority

  2. Rosah-Mumias

    June 23, 2019 at 9:57 am

    Your Comment Their time is coming.Let them just be patient.When they were youths,they never complained.They patiently waited for their time.which is now

  3. Jacqueline

    June 23, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    By the way not fair,be contented with your job and leave the small jobs for unemployed Kenyans…

  4. Angelicah

    June 24, 2019 at 11:37 am

    I stand to support what the Kenyan youth are saying so long as one has the qualification. Over 35yrs of age get out of the way for the youth to do the job.

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This comes after he, on Monday, October 7, quit representing Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) in a case against the Weston Hotel. Immediately, speculations flared as to the reasons for his recusal from the case.

Questions arose on whether he prevailed upon to quit or he was paid or there was a conflict of interest?


The hotel’s lawyer, Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahi, made the application to have Orengo thrown out of KCAA’s team, claiming that he was acting on behalf of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

Another lawyer representing the authority, Stephen Ligunya informed the High Court that the application seeking to stop Orengo from acting on its behalf was just a sideshow.

Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi
Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi. He filed the application to have Orengo kicked out of the court case.

During a court hearing when Orengo’s move was announced, Ahmednassir claimed he was disappointed by the fact that the senator opted out.

He further went on to attack the Daily Nation over a story that was titled ‘Bank Fights to Get Ksh1 Billion from Ruto Hotel’, claiming it was intended to litigate what was not before the court.

Ahmednassir had argued that the former Lands minister had to be disqualified over conflict of interest.


In the urgent application filed before the Environmental and Land Court, the city lawyer further claimed that the Siaya senator had no instructions to act on behalf of KCAA.


Ahmednassir alleged that Orengo’s role in the case was just a political matter for ODM to gain capital, with a view to scandalize and vex the hotel and its ownership.


“A leader of the Senate acting or prosecuting cases before the Judiciary is a clear breach of the separation of powers and a threat to the independence of Judiciary and his presence, in this case, violates the code of conduct that regulates the behavior of state officers,” Weston Hotel’s representative added.


In his defense, the Siaya senator responded by stating that he had the right to represent anyone, arguing that Weston Hotel shouldn’t be allowed to determine whom KCAA hires.


He further noted that ODM was not a party in the proceedings, nor to the best of their knowledge, was Weston Hotel a political party or aspirant for the party to have an interest in.

Weston Hotel front view
Weston Hotel front view. Orengo quit representing KCAA against Weston



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